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5.0 --- 6.0 Inch

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5.0 --- 6.0 Inch

5.5 inch FHD 1080P HDMI LCD Display
5.5 inch lcd display 1080p 1080*1920 lcd display with hdmi u board for projector.

Internal number : TF55005A
  • Description

    5.5inch FHD 1080P HDMI LCD Display

    Resolution: 1080*1920

    Inserting Mode:

    Plug-in type

    Viewing Angle:

    Full O’clock


    MIPI DSI 4Lines

    Outline Dimension:


    Active Area:

    LCD---68.04mm(W) *120.96mm(H)

    Driver IC:

    PIN Nos: 45
    LED Connect Mode: 14 LEDS

    Operating Voltage:

    -0.3~3 V
    Operating temperature: -20~70°C
    Storage temperature: -30~80°C
    Backlight Luminance: 8000  CD/M2

    LCM Luminance:

    250 CD/M2

     5.5inch FHD LCD display 1080P with HDMI U board for Projector/VR

     High resolution and IPS wide viewing angel,high transparency 5%

  • Application
    5.5 inch 1080P FHD LCD display for Projector: 

    This 1080p LCD display has 60HZ refresh rate and match with the hdmi to mipi u-type board ,so it is better for the VR , which can track your location when you are playing the 3d game.It can be also used for Projector with transmittance rate is 5%.

    In addition :This digital vr lcd display also has its special features  ,which is IPS panel and the shape is square,at the same time,this u-type board has a  9 axis sensor  including  a three-axis magnetic sensor,triaxial accelerometer and a triaxial Gyroscope  .  It can track your actions and lock your position when you're  playing the game. 

  • Catalogue
  • Customized solution

    Customization is available.If you want custom a Capacitive touch panel,we can help you with that.For that display,samples in stock,shipment will be arranged within 3 working days.

  • Lead time

    1.  Small quantity(Samples)              3 to 5 working days after payment confirmed

    2.  Trail Production(Below 1Kpcs)    4 weeks after payment confirmed.

    3.  Mass production                           6 weeks after payment confirmed

  • Company information
    As a professional small size TFT LCD/OLED display manufacturer, Topfoison focus on Micro round lcd screen/square lcd display/IPS lcd screen module/sunlight readable lcd/full round amoled screen,1.3inch to 6.0inch.

    Currently our products mostly used for Smart watch wearable device/POS system/Automotion display/Oven/Medical device/Industrial equipment/Virtual reality headmounted display. We guarantee the quality and provide with specialized expert service.

    For more details,welcome to contact us,we will supply you a suitable solution for your project.