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A good team means, first of all, good leaders plan the big picture, second, make every fellows belonging. For almost 2-year working and social life here,it is worth my saying Topfoison is really a good team, a nice family.

In the beginning, I had no idea about TFT. After technical training and market development, I love the screen!Actually it goes to when we saw new products, our eyes were gleaming and discussed what’s the related technical data it might be. It’s a funny memory with laugh and arguments.

To meet the needs of both personal improvement and the sophisticated TFT market, we trained staff with updated TFT market situation and held technical discussion and free forums to share industry information and exchange new ideas.

Team spirit offers us a platform where we can operate our collective talent to work out the best, every departments are so closed, we all understand that only when we work effectively together can we have the best chance to get the success and customer satisfaction.

In a way, our B2B fellows are all young, but creative and ambitious. We would like to meet you and share minds together.

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