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4.0 --- 4.9 Inch

4.3 inch TFT LCD Module
TF43014B middle square LCD display screen,480*272 lcd screen panel module with resistive touch for Smart home/Control monitor
  • Description

    4.3 inch TFT LCD Module

    4.3 inch TFT LCD Module

    The specifications of 4.3 inch tft module panel lcd display :     

    Item: 4.3 inch tft lcd display
    Resolution: 480 x 272
    Inserting Mode: Plug-in type
    Viewing Angle: 12:00
    Interface:   24 Bit compatible RGB I/F
    Outline Dimension: 105.5mm(W)×67.2mm(H)×2.9mm(D)
    Active Area:  LCD---95.04mm(W)×53.86mm(H)
    Driver IC: ILI6480
    PIN Nos.: 40
    LED Connect Mode:

    10 LEDS

    Operating Voltage -0.3~3 V
    Operating temperature -20~70°C
    Storage temperature -30~80°C
    Backlight Luminance: 5000  CD/M2
    LCM Luminance: 350 CD/M2

    Value-Product Advisement : 

    1. 4.3 inch small tft display is made in China with excellent quality and favorable price.

    2. 480*272 resolution and 12:00 viewing angel made it will be better for electronical device . 

  • Application

    4.3 inch display.png

    Topfoison Displays for Printer :                                               
    4.3 inch display.png            4.3 inch display.png

    Topfoison 4.3 inch Replacement Lcd Screen Product Features For Printer :


         This 4.3 inch square tft display is made in Shenzhen topfoison factory,and sell by topfoison oversea department as directly selling price,and it is original new grade A high quality with favorable price.We also can provide the free sample for you to test for this lcd display screen if your project is realiable.Of course,because we manafucture this display by ourself,so we can provide the long 5 years stable supply.In addition:This product is in stock for now,we can provide the fast delivery to you with cheap price,if you are interested in it .


         This RGB interface lcd display with touch screen is 480*272 resolution with ILI9163V driver IC ,and it has 12:00 viewing angel and  RGB interface,with the resistive touch display is better for the Printer .


         Of course,this type micro lcd display is also can be customized for its FPC and touch panel accoring to your requiremnts,OEM ODM is also supported by us .

  • Catalogue

    2017 Topfoison Standard Display Products Catalogue:            

           Size         Features   Resolution                     Application
           1.22 Round,IPS    240*204 Smart Watch ,Robot,Toy 
           1.39 Round,IPS,OLED    400*400 Smart Watch ,Robot,toy 
           1.54 IPS    240*240 Smart Watch,MP3
           1.6 Transflective     480*640 Motor display,E-bike display and outdoor device
           1.63 OLED,IPS    320*320 Smart watch , E-bike display
    1.77(WithTP) SPI interface    128*160 Temperature control system,smart wifi router,toy projector,Oven
           1.77 SPI interface    128*160 Temperature control system,smart wifi router,toy projector,Oven
           2.4 LCD    240*320 Medical device,light control system,kids camera,GPS
           2.8 LCD    240*400 Bluetooth mobile ,GPS,POS,medical device,temperature control system
           2.8 IPS    240*320 Bluetooth mobile ,GPS,POS,medical device,temperature control system
           3.5 Transflective     320*240 GPS,light/temperature control system,medical device
           3.81 OLED  1080*1200 VR
           4.3 IPS    480*272 Car DVR,Access control system,camera display,temperature control system,motorcycle display ,Fitness equipment
           5.0 LCD    800*480 Light control system,Car computer ,media player display,Treadmill display,IP phone display ,DV dispaly
           6.0 IPS  1080*1920 VR,Projector ,raspberry pi 3 display,FPV
           6.0 IPS  1440*2560 VR,Projector ,FPV

  • Customized solution

    If there are some LCD modules you need to modify , we also can provide the customize solution :    

     4.3 inch 480*272 replacement lcd screen for printer

  • Lead time

          *  Samples in stock   :     within 3 days

          *       Less than 2K    :     within 30 days

          *         About 5K        :     within 40 days

  • Company information

       Topfoison is a professional small size TFT LCD/OLED display manufacturer,Customization is welcome.Topfoison focus on round lcd screen/square lcd display/IPS display screen module/Resistive touch and Capacitive touch panel/Transflective screen display/full round amoled screen/1080p fhd amoled and 1080p lcd module/2k 1440p LCD panel/ hdmi to mipi board and so on.Most of our products used for Smart watch wearable device/POS system/Automotion display/Oven/Medical device/Industrial equipment/Virtual reality headmounted display.Our most popular LCDs are 1.22inch round LCD/1.39inch full round amoled/1.54inch square ips screen/1.6inch outdoor readable display/1.77inch over/rounter display/6inch vr hmd with hdmi to mipi board display.