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Wearable device makes round or curved panels becoming the focus

This is the age of wearable device,more and more supplier use OLED display for their smart device.

Topfoison have announced new product release-The nine axis sensor board

The Nine axis sensor board,leading next generation Wearable Device with powerful Position sensing and motion tracking capabilities. The target focus on next generation Wearable Device and mobile device on the market.
Virtual Reality display,1440P lcd display,2560 1440

New version 5.98 inch 2K lcd display+HDMI board have come out

New version 5.98 inch 2K lcd display+HDMI board for Virtual Reality head mounted device have come out

Facinating small round display for your smart wartch

Facinating small round display for your smart wartch/ heart rate monitor/ other wearable device

TC358870XBG-First 4K HDMI to MIPI Dual-DSI Converter Chipset with Video Format Conversion

Company Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced the launch of TC358870XBG, the industry’s first chipset converter between HDMI interfaces and interface MIPI dual DSI with support for 4K resolution and video format conversion.

New development -5.9inch 1440P virtual reality lcd display for head mounted device

Head-mounted device is probably the most prominent symbol of wearable computing. When thinking about wearables, most people immediately come up with images of cyborgs wearing fancy, futuristic data glasses. Any type display can be used in this system since there is no polarization required (LCD, LCOS, OLED),the display need to match with the optical technology.size and resolution of the lcd display is the key factor that influence customer experience.Recently,Topfoison have developped a 5.9inch lcd display with 1440P resolution which is the update items for 5.9inch 1080P lcd disaplay.Anyone who need it can contact with us for more informations.
GF LCD screen,TFT LCD screen,OLED LCD screen

Common classification of LCD

STN is "Super Teisted Nematic" acronym, it belongs Passive matrix LCD, almost all black and white screen mobile phone LCD screen is this material.
virtual reality lcd display,1080p head mounted display

6.0inch lcd display with 1440p and HDMI board which customize for virtual reality device

Rencently the virtual reality helmet mounted device is very popular in the market.when we talk about head mounted device,we will think of Oculus Rift.
tft touch panel,graphic display module,tft lcd module touch

The prospects of LTPS looks good on mobile panel market

TaiWan investor Chairman &CEOof JDI company,Xu Tingzhen said,the proportion glaobal mobile panel using LTPS is about will be a raise in the future.
lcd display,TFT touch screen

Hot selling item- 6.0inch FHD LCD display with 1080P used for game machine and helmet

Now with the development of people’s life quality,?game machine and helmet market is very hot in the market,we have developed 6.0inch lcd display with FHD and Ips viewing angle.This size can be widely used for mobile device,game machine,Private Theater device and other ?high-grade?goods .Here is the basic introduction of 6.0inch lcd display.
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