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High resolution (WQHD) and in-cell touch for new smartphone display

Panel makers have been interested in total solution products (display + touch modules) for a new smartphone display

Smartphones and Tablets Still Drive Demand for Cover Glass, as the Industry Looks to Smart Watches for Growth

With screen sizes increasing, smartphones continue to lead total area demand in the cover glass market.however, as the markets for smartphones and tablets mature, cover glass industry revenue growth is declining from 39% Y/Y in 2013 to 11% in 2015.
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TFT LCD Capacity Growth and Demand Growth Equalize in 2015

The growth in average LCD TV size has become an important influence on TFT LCD panel supply and demand. We have noted that the average size of LCD TV panel has been increasing; the pattern has been a one inch increase per year, and the industry is on track to grow from 31” in 2007 to 41” in 2017. This increase has been a key to the increasing tightness of supply in 2014.
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Reasons of Apple not Using Sapphire iPhone Screens

Sapphire, the world's second-hardest material after diamond, just can't take the lumps that a large smartphone screen has to bear. Sapphire is fine for protecting watch faces and camera lenses, Corning says, but isn't as optimal for phones.

a few weeks before the iPhone announcement, Apple was going to use sapphire but dropped it because of yield issues. This is not true. My sources tell me that sapphire was never targeted for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and its role in future iPhones hasn’t even been decided yet. Also, anyone who knows the manufacturing process knows that to make tens of millions of screens for an iPhone launch, the orders for those screens had to be put in place well over six months ago and planned meticulously into the final manufacturing of these new smartphones.

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TFT LCD Material/Component Tightness in 2015

As the year has progressed, however, concerns about inventory have dissipated. In notebook PC and monitor panels, there is even tightness, so in 2014, panel makers are enjoying balanced conditions in all applications except tablet PCs.
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LCD control driver design and development

For the LCD screen, which usually includes a glass substrate, ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) film, with a splint to the film, polarizing and so made up and down two floors.
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OGS Technology Evolution

OGS will become the leading technology direction of touch industry in recent years.There’re 3 benefits of OGS (One Glass Solution, namely, the integration of touch) :

(1) save the cost of a piece of glass and reduce a joint cost;

(2) reduce weight;

(3) increase the light transmittance.

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