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Wearable device makes round or curved panels becoming the focus

 This is the age of wearable device,more and more supplier use OLED display for their smart device.OLED display have thefearures of self-luminosity,wide viewing angle,high contrast,low power consumption and high reaction Rate and so on.
 Many brand lcd display supplier go nuts over rapid development of OLED display.With the strong competition of smart watch device, The technology of Circular OLED Display and Curved OLED Display have been the development tendency. As the smart wearable device is still in early development stage,related lcd supply Chainpractitioners are actively adjusting the pace ,strengthen thier key technology and focus on core technology of cell process.
 Just under the trend of smart wearable device,recently Topfoison have specially developed 2 kinds of OLED display for smartwatch device. One is 1.39 inch round OLED display with 400*400 resolution,the other is 1.63 inch OLED display with 320*320 resolution.
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