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China Tianjin successfully held "2017 China (International) OLED Industry Conference Date:2017-08-19 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1111

Since the invention of OLED display technology, OLED with its excellent display characteristics for the market optimistic, with the constraints of OLED technology industry to overcome the difficulties one by one, OLED has been the industry as the mainstream technology industry trends.

To 2016 for the historical turning point, OLED display application market is undergoing tremendous changes, especially in small and medium size display applications OLED has been the world's leading terminal manufacturers favorite.

In the global trend of structural adjustment of the industry, South Korea's SAMSUNG, LG and Japan JDI and Hon Hai led Sharp have increased investment expansion AMOLED production line, the Chinese mainland panel manufacturers from last year to tighten the layout of small and medium-sized AMOLED market, Among them, BOE, Tianma, Guodian Optoelectronics, and Huaguang, Xinli, Huaxing photoelectric and other local panel manufacturers to vigorously build 4.5,5.5,6 generation AMOLED panel production line, is expected to 2017 - 2019 around the world AMOLED panel production line will be mass production. The rapid development of OLED will drive the rapid expansion of the entire OLED industry chain, including manufacturing equipment, materials, assembly and other industrial chain will give birth to great opportunities.

"2017 China International OLED Industry Conference" to "OLED - create a new pattern of display industry" as the theme will continue the first session of the General Assembly of high standards and high standards, continue to improve: covering "domestic to international", "from the upstream to downstream industry chain" , "From the glass to the flexible" and "production, learning, research, government" by five in one of the four characteristics, as well as the Summit Forum, high-end interviews, boutique exhibition and industry outstanding selection of four major sections, will once again become a global OLED Industry focus annual event.