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AR/VR develop prospects for a better Date:2017-08-31 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1134
    With the maturity of hardware and video technology, AR/VR has been accepted by more and more people.

     The panel is an important carrier of AR/VR technology at present, AR/VR is equipped with LED or OLED display common volume are more or less too heavy before. Because AR/VR technology itself is not yet perfect, not so many people to be interested in VR, the panel did not pursue it urgently, but the current VR technology in rapid in the development of AR/VR technology, many aspects have been applied in our common entertainment, medical, military, industrial maintenance, city construction and other areas are put into application.

     With the gradual expansion of the AR/VR market, the demand for panels is getting higher and higher, and the old LCD monitors and OLED monitors have been unable to keep up with the increasing market demand. As this demand becomes more pressing, many manufacturers have used organic light-emitting diode micro display technology (Micro-OLED) instead of the older ones.

     Compared with the ordinary display on the glass board, OLED micro display device using monocrystalline silicon wafer (Wafer) for the backplane, besides the OLED self luminescence, thin thickness, light weight, wide angle, short response time, high luminescence efficiency, easier to achieve high PPI (pixel density), small volume, easy to carry, power consumption such excellent properties, especially suitable for helmet display, stereo display and glasses type display AR/VR display equipment.

     The application of Micro-OLED on AR/VR devices is still in its early stages, and if successful, it will not only create great business changes, but also make people's lives different for AR/VR technologies.