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OLED panels will be widely used in IPHONE8 Date:2017-09-06 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 983

     Before the IPHONE8 was released, it was predicted that OLED panels would be used, but because of the tight supply of the market, the number of new models was limited. However, foreign investment forecast next year, iPhone 8 production will have a strong downwind, to encourage Apple's share price to a new high. Apple shares so far this year has risen 20%.

      usquehanna Financial analyst Mehdi Hosseini and Apple Korea and Taiwan supply chain conversation, pointed out that carrying OLED panel iPhone 8, the second half of this year, the estimated shipments remain unchanged at 90 million, but Apple's first quarter next year, Shipments reached 95 million to 145 million. He predicted that this year's shipping iPhone, OLED panel models accounted for 50% of the proportion, next year to 70%.

      At the same time, Mehdi Hosseini published a report that OLED panels will be widely used in IPHONE, these are equipped with OLED layout of the IPHONE have 3D sensing function, which will become the advantage of IPHONE, because this feature is not yet mature, Smart phones on the use of the industry are waiting to see the use of IPHONE8 after the effect is clear.