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The Alibaba September procurement Festival is coming! Date:2017-09-11 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1285

     Alibaba September procurement festival will be officially opened from September 20th to September 30th! At that time,Topfoison are also unexpected concessions!

     All the Alibaba registered international buyers, credit guarantee advance orders for every $1000 (excluding 1000) to send the value of $200 free inspection platform coupons, directly to the buyer, for the order of free inspection services.
Never pay at the station and the international Alibaba registered buyers, credit guarantee advance orders for every $1000 (excluding 1000) minus $50, each new buyers only enjoy a preferential single orders over Jianjuan.

    In addition, in September, the extension of Topfoison are many new upgrade products, there are many special products, such as screen like 5.2 inch developed for projector, the transmittance can reach 8.3%, the display to achieve the highest quality state.

     If you missed the September purchase Festival, never mind, in October, October 1st to October 19th , we will have the same preferential procurement section of the encore, let you not to purchase intention, procurement section immediately!