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Let’s meet in SUPERSEPTEMBER in September 20th Date:2017-09-22 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1674

     920 procurement section as Alibaba International Station launched a large-scale global procurement activities, September procurement section will be officially opened on September 20, intended to closely "gold nine silver ten" foreign trade procurement peak season for the national small and medium enterprises to create B-end Promote the trading scene, promote business prosperity. is the earliest founded business of Alibaba Group and the world's largest B2B trading market. More than 200 countries and regions from around the world are tens of millions of buyers and suppliers here for information display and commodity trading.

In the annual lion cat two eleven shopping carnival inspired by the form of online transactions from the previous as a supplement to the retail industry, one of the channels to transform the mainstream form of domestic demand in China, which began to fully forced the traditional retail industry to upgrade.

     Global trade small single trend, the order trade B class merchant trade line process is significant. Among them, for the United States, Canada, cross-border electricity business turnover growth rate of more than 50%, Germany, France and other European countries, cross-border electricity business transactions were more than 30% annual growth rate.

     In the event the buyer can enjoy the purchase section label explicit, search screening priority show and other prominent treatment, so that buyers quickly identify high-quality sellers. During the event, the advance payment is over $ 1,000 to receive a free inspection service worth $ 200. New buyers who use credit protection services will also receive coupons for the first $ 1,000 and $ 50. In the course of the activities of customers under the order, the follow-up period in the use of rookie logistics carrier, the international courier monthly freight accumulated for each 1000 yuan, can return 50 yuan in cash; international sea air, single freight for every 500 yuan , You can enjoy the return of 25 yuan from the freight.

     "SUPERSEPTEMBER" as the theme of the September purchase section, designed to provide global buyers and sellers cost-effective, low-cost experience, Topfoison also do a lot of work for the existing products have been upgraded, but also In the development of many new products, for the occasion in the procurement section to give customers the choice as much as possible to meet customer needs, and strive to become the procurement section of the LCD industry preferred quality seller.