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Smart home display upgrade will be more humane Date:2017-10-11 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1063
     With the rapid development of intelligent home industry, the daily household appliances began to intelligent development, connecting the network, through mobile phones, Tablet PC to control.

     In 2017, the market has been in addition to other products and similar to the connection function, but also from the matching APP software to download a variety of recipes, and through the installation of the camera inside the camera to shoot food heating process, the real-time picture transmission To the mobile side of the oven.

     As early as last year's Berlin Consumer Electronics Show, oven manufacturers to show the audience with a camera and connection function of the equipment, and can be in the process of taking pictures for food. The process of eating and video enthusiasts are a novelty of life fun.

     All this is based on the current oven are equipped with intelligent control of the display, to achieve intelligent control, Topfoison at the end of October is about to launch a new product TF37909C, this 3.79 inch display is our TF39708C update type, add a touch panel on the basis of the original Screen, for the smart home to achieve more humane design.