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OLED technology problems gradually cracked Date:2017-11-01 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 892

OLED as a new generation of display technology, is expected to enhance the human visual enjoyment at the same time, product form will be a huge change, making the future is expected to achieve the show everywhere, if so, do not worry about the problem of excess OLED production capacity. Samsung galaxy series of mobile phones have been gradually revealed that the cutting-edge technology with a unique non-backlighting, self-luminous, fast response and other characteristics, so that products from the hard screen to the surface screen, from the surface screen development to a comprehensive screen. The future, will be developed from the full screen to the folding screen.

The face of this technology is likely to show the market a huge change, as early as many years ago, China's relevant research institutes and panel factories began to carry out basic research and development and production, in recent years, more panel plant to join OLED industry, set off a wave of OLED investment, the current only to the release of OLED production capacity and improve the yield.

Since last year's millet company launched the so-called "full screen" concept after the phone, this year's Samsung Galaxy S8 led the 18: 9 screen products, and Apple iPhone AMOLED full screen of the news is frequently blasting headlines, a time, News overwhelming, a number of mobile phone brands want to grab in the iPhone before the launch of a comprehensive screen products.

What is a full screen? In fact, for now, there is not a very clear concept, as the name suggests, is the whole screen covered, no camera and other components. But the current technology, it is difficult to do this form, the current full-screen can only be done than the average surface screen, with a higher proportion of screen products.

So the industry believes that a comprehensive screen based on the real flexible AMOLED products, is a transitional application products.

Dr. Huang Xiuqi believes that the maturity of flexible AMOLED technology will promote the arrival of a truly comprehensive screen era. "To achieve a truly strict sense of the overall screen, on the one hand the need to remove the border, which is no way to do LCD, and OLED can be achieved through a special plastic substrate; the other is the majority of upstream and downstream partners also agree that flexible AMOLED Full screen trend, the pace of collaborative innovation is significantly accelerated.