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Mirco LED will be used in VR next year Date:2017-11-08 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 983

Taiwan Institute of Engineering Optoelectronics, said Taiwan's LED industry chain in the high integrity, under the auspices of ITRI, next year to play an advantage, the production of a production line of Micro LED for VR brand use.

Taiwan Engineering Research Institute in 2009 began to invest in Micro LED technology research and development is expected next year will be the successful supply of Taiwan VR brand factory, and build a complete domestic Micro LED supply chain.

At present, a Micor LED's production line cost more than 200 million yuan Because the cost of setting up a production line is lower than that of a panel factory, the relative input cost of the supply side is lower than that of the panel factory after the technology is mature and the cost is reduced. In fact is the development of conditions, especially in the development of Micor LED contrast, resolution and performance, light output are better than the liquid crystal display (LCD) and OLED.

Micor LED will be a nascent technology, in particular, is expected to become the key technology to promote the VR market. Although the market optimistic and look forward to the development of VR, but the recent development is limited, mainly due to users because of short-range viewing so easy to produce dizziness, because LCD, OLED is slow so the image is less than, resulting in user dizzy, and Micor LED efficiency Will soon resolve the dizziness caused by the image.

ITRI established Micro Assembly Alliance CIMS to establish an exchange platform for cross-industry tandem industrial chain. Through innovative eco-chain architecture and industrial strength, Microinfo Technology opens up a new scene for Micro LED technology. In VR's international forums, international suppliers are invited to attend the event, such as China's two panel makers, Japanese brand factories and American brand factories, to understand the development of technology status.