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Micro-LED will become the new bright spot in LCD and LED industry Date:2017-11-24 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 991

Micro-LED display has been developed for several years, with ultra-high resolution, high brightness, ultra-power and fast response and other characteristics. After the acquisition of LuxVueTechnology, Micro-LED display technology really started to enter the people's perspective. This new technology has been attracting Apple, Sony, Google and the global monitor supply chain, the speed of development is also accelerating, is considered to be following the TFT- LCD and OLED technology, the new dynamic display technology.

Micro-LED display technology with Apple's concerns, but there are still many problems to be overcome, although the current performance of LCD has come to the plateau of growth, but OLED from the 1970s until now, but also continue to overcome the material development The topic of The rapid integration of companies, human resources and technology in the two major areas of LCD and LED will be a great opportunity to create a new application market for Micro-LED Display. Although LCD Superpower can not be shaken in the short term, Future competition with OLED technology will be more observable.

Experts said that the Micro-LED display can be used initially 50 inches above about 50dpi or less than 10 inches but with 500dpi specifications into the market. The industry said the 50-inch model for the Micro-LED Display Display costs about 60% of the TFT LCD, so very competitive, but there is still a huge amount of transfer and repair at this stage, the process of residual particles and photoelectric detection other issues need to be resolved.