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Touch panel industry to fully expand the expansion plan Date:2017-11-30 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1013
Touch Control Industry After the overcapacity and bargain-hunting competition in recent years, the industry has survived the haze of loss exit. As the touch panel plant in mainland China shifts its focus of operation, the touch-control plant in Taiwan has also transformed itself into a living, making the industrial order stable and stable. In the third quarter, the control panel factory achieved overall profit growth and started the expansion plan to strengthen its competitiveness. The industrial winter is expected to end.

In recent years, small and medium-sized touch panel makers gradually fade out of the market for consumer electronics products and switch to niche-based or industrial-type products. Despite the shrinking operation scale, a small number of diversified and stable orders gradually reached the goal of transformation. In addition, with the transfer of Apple iPhone from the cell structure in the past to the OLED panel, it also brings new growth momentum to the Apple supply chain.

Take the example of Taiwanese company Oversea, Oversea Chinese companies have been making profits since the second quarter, ending a series of losses for the 16th quarter and continuing to improve their profit performance in Q3. The company said that Q3 consumer goods shipments were stable and industrial products gradually Growth, through product mix optimization, gross profit margin reached 13.47%, the annual turnaround opportunities.

At present, the Yang Hua Taiwan factory is mainly responsible for proofing, a small amount of design and assembly, the mainland Huizhou plant sales, including the touch sensor and module production are concentrated in the Vietnam factory, a single monthly capacity of 10 inches is estimated at about 2000000 pieces, revenue About 50-60% of the total revenue will come from consumer electronics products. In the future, niche products such as industrial control, household appliances, healthcare and educational whiteboards will be expanded. The proportion of non-consumer electronic products will continue to increase. The target will be 40-50%.

Another Taiwanese company, Flushiam, has successively disposed of non-profitable businesses. At present, its core business focuses on niche products such as military-industrial touch panels. The industry has been transacted since the fourth quarter of 2016, and its operation in 2017 continued to grow. The interest rate reached 21.2%. After the factor of reducing the loss outside the industry, the profitability in the near future has turned significantly better.

After relocating the new plant in 2017, production capacity increased by a factor of 1.5. In addition to the military operations and industrial control touch panel products, the company also plans to add a touch module and panel module (LCM) laminating business. At present, Controlled products accounted for about 6% of the overall revenue, military regulations, medical and other touch products accounted for more than 30%, due to a high degree of customization of military industrial products, the price is relatively stable, and will further expand the fit touch module Various types of composite coating orders.