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Full HD 5.5inch 1080P LCD display Date:2017-12-02 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 933

                                  NEW ARRIVAL 5.5INCH FHD LCD DISPLAY WITH HDMI U BOARD

With the development of Virtual Reality,more and more suppliers put more efforts on VR Products development.We got feedback from our customers that they want a smaller LCD DISPLAY for project.In order to meet customers requirements ,Currently Topfoison have developed a new LCD display TF55005A-5.5inch FULL HD TFT LCD SCREEN 1080P 1080*1920 for Virtual Reality Headset and Projector.

It can go with HDMI to MIPI U board if you want.
Comparing with 6inch 1080p FHD,it is smaller display with high PPI(400.53) than 6inch.With same Resolution(1080*1920),Brightness(250cd/m2),Interface(MIPI DSI interface),IPS Full Wide viewing angle.It is the most wonderful solution to replace 1080p Full hd lcd display.If you want to a smaller HDMI U board.customization is available.Capacitive touch screen can be customized.


We also have 3.81inch Dual AMOLED and 2.95inch Dual AMOLED screen which used for VR application,they can go with HDMI board,also can be used for Robot.If you are interested in our product,welcome to contact with us:)