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More Than 75% mobile phone with fingerprint recognition function, mobile payments are becoming popular in 2020. Date:2018-01-10 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 510

DIGITIMES Research pointed out that the fingerprint sensor maker  Fingerprint Cards(FPC) is the the Swedish emerging enterprises,Because of the rise of business opportunities of the fingerprint sensing technology , the company's revenue in 2016 was more than 650 times compared to 2013 growth,High speed growth also attracted the United States,  the China mainland and Taiwan manufacturers actively involved in, the average sales price (ASP) plunged and manufacturers increased cases, FPC predicted revenue in 2017 dropped to 53% to compared with 2016, operating profit rate from 2016, 2015, 31% and 39% of the high level dropped to the 2017 estimate of 6%-7%.

In contrast, the HUIDING technology (Goodix), after turned their main products to the fingerprint sensor, the revenue growth in 2016 was more than 4 times compared to 2013,in 2017, although there are many manufacturers to join the war, but the annual revenue forecast can grow 25%.from revenue,it has surpassed FPC to become the world's first largest supplier of fingerprint sensor

DIGITIMES Research said that due to the fingerprint identification is the most cost-effective way to biological recognition, not only in the mobile phone,but also in the future, tablet computer, notebook computer, automobile, government and enterprise access, even with payment function of the smart card application of growth opportunities.