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Topfoison's new business - PCB design is officially launched Date:2018-05-11 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 776

Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from our customers. They hope that we can provide them with supporting motherboard and drive board design services. Or, we find that many of our customers are not familiar with the full-color display of TFTs during the project development process, or that engineers are unfamiliar with interfaces that are not frequently used, leading to a slow development of the project.

However, in a rapidly changing commercial society, time is money and it is really a constant golden rule.


Therefore, in order to help our customers complete the research and development of products as soon as possible, so that products as early as possible in front of consumers, Topfoison team decided to use Rockchip’s a series of chips are tailor-made for our customers and are suitable for PCB solutions for our customers' end products.


What are our strengths?


1.    We are more familiar with the electronic characteristics and structural characteristics of the display than our customer, and can quickly know how to solve the problems encountered during the screen debugging stage.


2.    We are more familiar with the characteristics of the display industry and future trends than our customers, and can provide customers with display solutions that are more suitable for their end products.


3.    We can find Shenzhen locals suppliers faster than our customers, or we can support domestic suppliers to solve problems encountered in the R&D process.


4.    We can get more technical support from Rockchip than customers.


5.    We have more diversified project experience than our customers because Topfoison has served clients in all walks of life during its six years of establishment, including not limited to automotive, medical, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and wearable devices, etc.  The problems encountered by these customers in the R&D process will be feed back to the Topfoison team. Therefore, our team has encountered various cases during these 6 years. These precious cases may be our next customers will meet problems.


So we are thinking, if we can effectively use these advantages, we may be able to shorten their development cycle for the next customer. How to use these advantages more efficiently? Helping our customers develop the PCB boards they need is the best solution we can think of.  How do you think?


Therefore, we cooperated with Rockchip team and used Rockchip's RK3128/RK3288/RK3399/RK3229/RK3328/RV1108/RKNanoD as the main recommended chip. Because these chips are basically able to meet the needs of the daily eight industry applications.

PCB design solution.png

For example, Rockchip RK3399 HEX Core chip program, clocked at 2.0GHz, 3G, 4G data communication interface, USB3.0, PCIE high-performance device interface, support for commonly used external devices, rich interfaces. And Strong multimedia capabilities, Rich interface and peripherals, Multi-OS platform, Support Android 7.1 and ChromeOS, Linux and other multi-OS.


Apply to


1.    High Performance Computing/Storage Platforms: Servers AI Boxes Products ChromeOS Products.

AI boxes solution.png

2.    Industrial Control Board and Development Board.


3.    Corporate and Educational Terminal: Electronic Whiteboard Cloud Terminal Recorder.

PCB design.jpg

4.    Commercial Display Equipment: Advertising Machines, Digital Signage, Self-service vending machine, touch one machine, etc.


Main board solution for advertising machines.jpg

5.    Smart appliances and smart security equipment.

                     Smart appliance solution.jpg

So if you have any problems or needs about a new product development, why don’t you try to contact us?  Maybe we have some solutions could help you.

Our sales engineer is here:, if possible, pls kindly leave your questions, whatsapp or skype ID in your inquiry, so that our sales engineer could contact you soon.