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Face recognition technology for smart door locks Date:2018-05-18 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 367

Since Apple released Iphone X, it has ignited people's attention to face recognition technology, and more and more customers are also considering adding face recognition technology to products to improve product safety and convenience.  Face recognition solutions are widely used in smart security, smart taxation, financial institutions, education management, business scenarios. 

For example, smart door locks with face recognition technology.

In addition to the functions of unlocking the password, unlocking the card, and unlocking the key, the new face-to-face hybrid authentication and unlocking function is added, which makes the whole safer and easier to unlock.

smart door locks with face recognition technology.png

Of course, a newer type of smart door lock now also appears. The user can operate the door lock through the mobile phone APP, and can also control the switch through the face recognition technology on the door lock.

smart door lock with round display.jpg

And we are providing customers with suitable display solutions, including but not limited to 2.4 inch, 2.8 inch, 3.0 inch display, but also to provide customers with touch screen solutions, square, round, or other customer-specified shapes . The supporting PCBA design service can also be provided together.

So if you need a PCBA solution with face recognition, don't hesitate to contact our sales engineer and they will immediately respond to your questions.  Our contact,