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What is the Smart Appliances solutions? Date:2018-05-22 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 615

Looking into the future, today's smart phones have entered the public life and become the ultimate control terminal.  It is a prerequisite for the popularization of smart home appliances.  Smart appliances will become an integral part of smart home.


Topfoison smart home appliances solutions, using RK3288 and RK3399 Chips to develop High-Performance, High-Stability Open Source Industrial Motherboards/PCB board, adapt the self-produced display screen/touch screen to increase product possibilities and cost-effectiveness, allowing the product to adapt more flexibly to changes in market demand.

Topfoison can provide the PCBA / motherboard custom service for intelligent refrigerator, full-automatic washing machine, Intelligent sweeping robot, Smart coffee machine, etc.

Welcome to consult PCBA / motherboard custom program.