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Electronic Payments Spring Up Like Mushroom Date:2018-05-22 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1931
Electronic payments has proactively approached the changing payments landscape with a complete collection of proprietary, integrated business solutions.

Electronic payment refers to the use of secure electronic means between consumers, merchants, and financial institutions to securely transmit payment information through an information network to a bank or a corresponding processing institution for the purpose of implementing currency payment or cash flow.

Based on year-over-year growth, analysis of Electronic Payments’ cumulative transaction data indicates an industry-leading 14.7% organic increase in processing volume.

This kind of new payment has greatly changed people's daily payment habit and bring a convenient life to them. 

electronic payment 2.jpg

With the rapid development of electronic payment, the application of display on it will increase gradually. Our company, Topfoison provide A-grade 1.3-6.0 inch TFT LCD and OLED display. Also we can offer a series of PCBA motherboard solution for electronic payment. We have much successful experience on display and PCBA customization.

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