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What is PCBA and LCD display solution? Date:2018-06-05 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1664
Topfoison always focus on 1.3 inch to 6.0inch LCD / OLED display, including square LCD / OLED module, round / circle LCD / OLED module.  Recently, we have received a lot of feedback from our customers.  They hope that we can provide them with supporting motherboard and drive board design services, because engineers are unfamiliar with full-color display and interfaces that are not frequently used, leading to a slow development of the project.

So Topfoison set up a professional R&D department for PCBA design and LCD display solution,  so we can provide a complete solution according to customer’s requirements, including mother board / driver board customization, LCD display customization,  shell design. PS: 3D printing is OK. 

PCBAdesign and LCD display solution-Topfoison.jpg

So if you have any problems or needs about a new product development, why don’t you try to contact us?  Maybe we have some solutions could help you.