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Advantage of TFT LCD--Good Usage Characteristics Date:2018-06-08 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1819

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) refers to a thin film transistor. Each liquid crystal pixel is formed by a thin film transistor integrated behind a pixel.

Drive, which can achieve high-speed, high-brightness, high-contrast display screen information, is currently one of the best LCD color display devices.

Good usage characteristics: low voltage application, low driving voltage, increased safety and reliability of solid use; flatness, thinness, saving a lot of raw materials and use of space; low power consumption, reflective tft-lcd or even only percent of crt one or the other, saves a lot of energy; tft-lcd products also have specifications, size series, variety of species, easy to use and flexible, easy to repair, update, upgrade, long life and many other features.

Display quality from the simplest monochrome character graphic to high resolution, high color fidelity, high brightness, high contrast, high response speed of a variety of specifications of the video display; display with direct-view, projection, perspective There are also reflections.

Topfoison is a 1.3-6.0 inch LCD display manufacturer and Touch screen supplier and mostly round and circular LCD Modules used for the Wearable devices such as kids smart watch, sports watch, healthcare equipment. High PPI LCD display with 1080p FHD and 2K display which used for VR, projector, FPV as well as 3D printer.