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Topfoison 3.81inch Dual 90hz OLED 1080*1200 AMOLED Screen for VR Date:2018-06-15 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 315

Topfoison 3.81inch display is a small size dual AMOLED display 1080*1200 high resolution as well as 90HZ high referesh rate and the PPI is 423.74. Generally, it can be used for Virtual Reality as well as Photo Frame.


Currently it is MIPI DSI 4Lanes hdmi to mipi dsi interface with HDMI U board, transfer board.2 OLED screens.

We have already in mass production for these model. Also, we have many other OLED display, such as 1.39inch and 2.95inch OLED.

Topfoison focuses on AMOLED DISPLAY/Virtual Reality AMOLED/IPS lcd module/2K lcd display/1080P full hd OLED screen. We established our own R&D team, and baclight, cover glass, FPC and touch panel all can be customized.

Most of our products used for Virtual Reality/Head-Mounted display.

Flexible OLED display technology is promising in terminal applications such as mobile phones, computers, VR, automotive, and wearable devices. Folding screens, curled screens, and even stretched screens will soon be applied to end products. From everything connected to everything, flexible displays will change our lives.