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What are the development prospects of OLED LCD panels and LCD panels? Date:2018-06-22 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 417
In 2015, the competition between OLEDs and LCDs was essentially a situation. In essence, due to the great advances in LCD technology, the inherent defects of LCDs have been improved, and the distance between OLEDs and OLEDs has also been lowered. Due to its self-luminous properties, OLEDs have outstanding black levels, higher color accuracy, and a wider color gamut, which are difficult to match with LCDs. They have become the standard for high-end displays and are generally viewed by the industry.

Many panel makers have invested large sums of money. Research and development, laying product lines, OLED in the next few years has a huge market space, market research firm DisplaySearch released a report shows that the OLED market is expected to 2015-2019, with a compound annual growth rate of 93.4% compound annual growth.

However, not all manufacturers believe that OLED is the best solution, and LCD technology is still the current mainstream and is constantly evolving. Quantum dot technology is an important advancement in liquid crystal display. The RGB primary colors are formed by adding a nanomaterial to the liquid crystal backlight and irradiating the red and green quantum dots of different diameters to the blue backlight. Relative to LED backlight, quantum dot quality engine can make full use of high color screen color performance, restore the source color, can effectively reduce excessive blue light, so that the screen is more delicate, richer levels.

In the liquid crystal display, China has now formed five panel industry clusters in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Pearl River Delta, Fujian, Taiwan, the Yangtze River Delta, and the central and western regions. Up to now, 8 8.5-generation lines have been put into volume production, and another 5 high-generation lines have been signed or started construction. China has become the world's most important LCD panel manufacturing base. Among them, the investment results of TCL and Hisense in quantum dot technology are more obvious. Today, the color TV industry has come to the intersection of LED liquid crystal and OLED, and then go one step forward, the LED LCD era will come to an end, and the OLED era will come. Before the OLED era really arrived, quantum dots technology, as the most powerful competitor, maintained the advantages of low-cost LCD screens, and will also occupy a place in the market. Until the cost of OLEDs finally drops to consumers' acceptance, LCD technology will obviously not disappear from the market.