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What is the main application of the LCD screen? Date:2018-06-29 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 199

What is the main application of the LCD screen? We can classify them according to the industry application and the main points are as follows.

Retail and catering: vending machines, ordering systems, shopping, ticketing public inquiries, on-board satellite navigation systems, etc. Reduce the crisis of interruption of operation due to shocks and static electricity.

Video games: Bingo game machines, slot machines, playing cards, etc. Against the hidden worries of deliberate destruction, we insist on the perfect performance of continuous operation.

Capacitive screen application financial business system: ATM bank teller machine, automatic teller machine, investment transaction Kiosk and so on. Can withstand more than a million touches and still operate flawlessly.

Industry: Factory automation control systems. Anti-glare and other strong light interference is the best choice for the factory.

Medicine: Laboratory and clean room suitable for medical monitoring, drug list approval, medical records. It is completely free from contamination by blood and any chemical substances and affects operation.

Public guides: household registration system and navigation system.

Topfoison is a small/Micro TFT LCD/OLED screen manufacturer and factory,1.-6.0inch small size, OEM&ODM is welcome.

Currently we focus on square tft screen/IPS lcd module/Transflective lcd panel/full color lcd display/ips wide lcd screen/POS display module.

Topfoison also has their own R&D groups which specialized in Capacitive touch panel(Single and Multi)/Resistive touch screen/PCB driver board/HDMI to MIPI DSI driver board/Plastic moulding customization.

Most of our products used for smart watch wearable device/POS system/Smart home/Security equipment.

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