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Do you know what are the main applications of the LCD screen? Date:2018-06-29 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1601

Do you know what are the main applications of the LCD screen? We can classify them according to the industry application and the main points are as follows.

Retail and catering: vending machines, ordering systems, shopping, ticketing public inquiries, on-board satellite navigation systems, etc. Reduce the crisis of interruption of operation due to shocks and static electricity.

Video games: Bingo game machines, slot machines, playing cards, etc. Against the hidden worries of deliberate destruction, we insist on the perfect performance of continuous operation.

Capacitive screen application financial business system: ATM bank teller machine, automatic teller machine, investment transaction Kiosk and so on. Can withstand more than a million touches and still operate flawlessly.

Industry: Factory automation control systems. Anti-glare and other strong light interference is the best choice for the factory.

Medicine: Laboratory and clean room suitable for medical monitoring, drug list approval, medical records. It is completely free from contamination by blood and any chemical substances and affects operation.

Public guides: household registration system and navigation system.

Topfoison is a small/Micro TFT LCD/OLED screen manufacturer and factory,1.-6.0inch small size, OEM&ODM is welcome.

Currently we focus on square tft screen/IPS lcd module/Transflective lcd panel/full color lcd display/ips wide lcd screen/POS display module.

Topfoison also has their own R&D groups which specialized in Capacitive touch panel(Single and Multi)/Resistive touch screen/PCB driver board/HDMI to MIPI DSI driver board/Plastic moulding customization.

Most of our products used for smart watch wearable device/POS system/Smart home/Security equipment.

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