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Trump inaugurates the foundation of Foxconn American LCD Panel Factory Date:2018-06-30 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 695
On June 29, according to the Chicago Tribune, US President Donald Trump attended the foundation laying ceremony of the groundbreaking of the Foxconn Wisconsin factory on Thursday. He praised Foxconn's plan to establish an LCD screen factory, saying It is "the eighth wonder of the world."

According to the latest reports from foreign media, Foxconn’s US program has recruited 100 employees and workers. Foxconn prepares to recruit 3,000 American veterans for training.

Foxconn used to be the world's largest consumer electronics foundry, mainly for the assembly of mobile phones, tablets, computers and other products. Today, Foxconn has embarked on a transformational road to upgrade its branded business and high-tech parts business, which means that the company will seek to outperform the foundry's profit margin.