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The Application of TFT LCD Display--POS Terminal Date:2018-07-07 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 342

POS is a multi-functional terminal. It can be installed in the special merchants of credit cards and the receiving network to connect with the computer to realize the automatic transfer of electronic funds. It has the functions of supporting consumption, pre-authorization, balance inquiry and transfer, etc. It is safe, fast and reliable. The basic business intelligence in large-scale transactions is difficult to obtain, and the introduction of POS system is mainly to solve the blind spot of information management in retail industry. An important part of the chain store management information system.

Gao's self-developed POS streaming media integrated machine has a cash register function and has an advertisement playing function. The POS streaming media machine displays on the dual screen. One-fifth of the external screen displays the customer's consumption details. The lower five-fifth shows the accurate classified advertisement information, and the terminal automatically downloads the classified advertisement information. According to the consumer's consumption behavior and attributes, targeted streaming media advertising, in order to attract consumers to generate consumer desires, allowing consumers to "from passive to active, from waiting to attention", not only saves the business's investment in advertising It also greatly increased the visibility of the business. It is a low-investment, targeted and high-traffic streaming media advertisement.

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