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LCD 4K/8K high quality against OLED Date:2018-07-08 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 392

In the case that OLED display technology has become the new darling of high-end mobile phones, LCD will not leave. LCD is still the most mature display technology at present, and there are many technologies to be developed waiting for the investment of major manufacturers to achieve the display quality comparable to OLED. Especially when advancing to 4K or 8K high image quality, LCD has the advantage of lower cost, so it can achieve this vision faster than OLED.

Dai Zhenjia, general manager of Nichia, Taiwan, pointed out that the company's primary goal before 2019 was based on its own LCD backlight product NTSV (Nichia Thin Side View), which introduced a narrow border 4K high quality close to the full screen. Mobile phone.

Dai Zhenjia shared that from 2016 to the present, the competition in the LED industry market is very serious. After Apple introduced OLED display technology into smart phones in 2017, the market has undergone major changes. In 2018, the market demand in the first two quarters was also not strong, and the traditional LED backlight market also experienced overcapacity, which made many people worry about the industry prospects.

Despite this, Daizhen is still very optimistic about the future development of LCD display technology. He pointed out that in the small-size display market, although OLED has become the first choice for high-end smartphones, it will progress to 4K and 8K in the future. The picture quality shows that the high cost will be a very big challenge for OLEDs; in the big screen market such as TV, the 4K high-definition LCD TV is now quite popular. At the end of 2018, there is a chance to see the official mass production of 8K products. However, at present, OLED still fails to achieve 4K quality. Therefore, at present, in the direction of 4K, 8K ultra-high image quality, compared with OLED technology, LCD is a more mature technology, and the cost is relatively more competitive.

In the next two years, LCD display technology will also have more breakthroughs. Dai Zhenjia shared that in 2019, Nichia hopes to expand its point-light source applications for LCDs to surface-light applications. The recently-recognized Mini LED backlight is one of the applications for surface light sources.

At the same time, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers, Nichia has designed and developed LED products that are easy for customers to use, and maintains a smooth communication channel with customers. Recently, Nichia has jointly established a new company in the South China region, "Guangxin Vision Technology Co., Ltd. "To provide a comprehensive solution for vertical integration. The core business includes print assembly, optical lens development and design, IC design and integration of other related modules. Nichia also hopes that the establishment of optical core will accelerate the pace of design and development, develop the industry's most advanced products, and become an important presence guiding the LED industry.