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7 facts you didn't know about LCD products Date:2018-10-11 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 327
一.Module usage and maintenance

1. The outer lead of the liquid crystal module shall not be misconnected, otherwise it may cause damage to the components of the liquid crystal module due to overcurrent and overvoltage.

2. When the module is used below the specified operating temperature range, the response is slow. When the module is used above the specified operating temperature range, the entire display surface will present the full display state.(the device should not be used or stored beyond the storage limit temperature. If the temperature is lower than the crystallization temperature, the liquid crystal will crystallize, destroy the directional layer and discard the device.If the temperature is too high, the liquid crystal will become an isotropic liquid, lose the liquid crystal state, and lose the function of the liquid crystal device.

3. When the module is used to access the power supply and disconnect the power supply, the signal level can only be input after the positive power supply (5 + / 0.25V) is firmly connected.If the signal level is input before the power supply is stable or disconnected, the IC and other circuits in the module may be damaged.

4. The contrast and Angle of view of the lattice LCD module display have a great relationship with temperature and drive voltage. Therefore, if the VEE is adjusted too high, it will not only affect the display, but also shorten the service life of the module.

5. When there is water drop on the screen, it shall be quickly erased: if it touches the water drop for a long time, the screen will change color or appear spots;

6. Don't knock the IC on the PCB board on the back of the module to prevent short circuit at the adjacent pin;

7. Press hard on the display area, abnormal display will be generated.At this time, cut off the power supply, wait for a moment, re-power, that is back to normal;

8. When there is a stain on the screen, wipe it quickly with absorbent cotton or other soft cloth.
TF-50002A-VO (4).jpg

二.Module storage

For long-term (e.g., years) storage, we recommend the following:

Put into polyethylene pocket (preferably with anti-static coating) and seal the mouth;Keep a dark place away from bright light;Never place anything on the surface.Strictly avoid storage outside the limit temperature and humidity (polarizing film used for liquid crystal is afraid of high temperature and humidity).

三.Precautions for assembly operation

  • 1. The mounting hole shall be grounded to prevent electromagnetic interference and external noise;

  • 2. The metal frame claws shall not be freely twisted and disassembled;Do not modify or process the shape of PCB board, assembly holes, wiring and components.Do not modify the conductive adhesive strip at will;Do not modify any internal supports;Do not touch, fall, bend, twist the module and backlight part, etc.

  • 3. The liquid crystal module is elaborately designed and assembled. Please do not process or trim it by yourself.

四.When welding or welding the external lead or interface circuit of the module, the following provisions shall be followe

1. Do not allow the solder to drip onto the circuit board of the LCD screen during welding, otherwise the screen will be abnormal due to the circuit short circuit;

2, solder iron temperature: 280 + 10 ° C;Welding time: 3~4S;Welding materials: eutectic, low melting point;Repeat welding shall not exceed 3 times;

3. If the connection between the liquid crystal module and other peripheral circuits needs to be welded or the original connection head should be changed, please confirm that the liquid crystal module has passed the quality inspection in advance;

4. Do not physically damage the LCD screen and PCB, or it will not be repairable.

五.Equipped with liner

It is best to add a pad of about 0.1mm between the module and the front panel, and the panel should be kept flat to avoid any distortion after assembly.

六.Treatment protective film

A protective film is attached on the surface of the finished module product to prevent it from tarnishing the display surface during assembly, so it shall not be removed before the completion of assembly of the whole machine to avoid contamination or damage to the display surface.

.Beware of static electricity

  • 1. The soldering iron used for welding must be well grounded and free of leakage;

  • 2. If direct touch is necessary, make the human body well grounded to the module, or make a contact with the tap or the metal frame of the platform to discharge;

  • 3. Do not touch external leads, circuit on circuit board and IC by hand.

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