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Topfoison's 16th Team Building Activity Date:2018-12-10 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1579

On December 9, 2018, Topfoison successfully held the 16th team building activity with the theme of “Creating a Vision Mission and Exploring Values”. The purpose of this activity is to clarify team goals and enhance employees. Team spirit and team awareness, while at the same time, through clear division of labor and cooperation, improve the team's ability to better deal with problems when facing problems, exercise teams to cooperate with each other for common goals, accomplish tasks better and faster, and increase employees' Mutual understanding, let employees tolerate each other, trust each other, respect each other, so as to close the relationship between employees, so that employees and the company form a more integrated whole. In addition, the event also established Topfoison's mission and vision of “customer-centric, customer-oriented, better and more professional services and better products, built a learning organization, six high-voltage lines” and “integrity and integrity,” The core values of creating a win-win situation, the following is the sharing and sentiment of employees on this group building:


1. Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet everyone else. Everyone is so cute! When we put together a common goal, we will explode how much energy, even if it fails, but each of us has done our best. In the final team challenge, although we were very different from the target time at the beginning, after our repeated efforts, we not only achieved the goal but also set a new record. It can be seen from the group building activities that the strength of the team should not be underestimated. Thank you for organizing the expansion activities organized by the company.

2. In the afternoon, the sandbags game, let everyone experience the excitement of fighting for teammates and winning together, and the heart and heart are tightly attached together. Thanks to "Best Sergeant" Alin perfectly interprets the commander's actions, and constantly adjusts the strategy in the three-round game, and also makes everyone aware of the importance of obeying organizational orders and exerting their own initiative. The longest survival, the forester who avoided six bombs, and the "killer" Mi Ling who killed two people in each battle, and the Swallow who insisted on keeping in the cold wind and Lily who did not have a good cold, tried their best to contribute to the team. The team finally won the competition and thanked everyone on the team for their efforts. As a commander, I also realized that not only should the soldiers avoid obstacles, take the initiative to kill the enemy, judge whether they should adopt a conservative strategy, but also pay attention to the situation on the entire battlefield, whether to let the soldiers get into trouble, how to deal with the difficulties, and later in the team. We must also maintain this overall view and contribute to the team and the entire organization.

3. This afternoon's game specially exercises the cooperation of a team, especially the generals who have just finished, the sergeants, the soldiers' games, and the cooperation between the teams is especially important. This game reflects the intermediate experience when the upper and lower levels convey the instructions. The more you waste, the more time you waste. Therefore, soldiers on the front line must also have their own judgments. Just like a company boss grasps the whole situation, the manager conveys the task, and the employee completes the task, but everyone has their own initiative in their respective links.

4. After yesterday's warm-up, today's group building is more active, more active, and more enthusiastic. Because everyone has been infected, it is deep into everyone's heart. The more I feel at the moment, the more important it is to win or lose. The important thing is that everyone’s team awareness is stronger. They want to make more sacred flowers for their team. The body is very tired, but it is still as early as possible for the team. In order to get the whole team together, take the initiative to wait for the players to work together.

5. Two games this afternoon, the deeper experience is that the two games need teamwork, or they can't complete the task on time. But just matching is not enough. The first game is mainly the training team. An inefficient team can't survive in the cruel competition. The second game environment changes. If the "commander" cannot change the strategy in time, it will fail. The reason for the second round of failure of our group is that the strategy has not been adjusted in time. Therefore, our team must adjust the direction in time and adjust the internal strategy to deal with the external environment to ensure that it will never fail.

6. Today is the second day of the group building. Although the weather is very cold, everyone's enthusiasm has not been reduced. And the collaboration between the teams is getting more harmonious, tired and happy. The most profound thing is that my colleagues taught me to learn to swim. At first, I was afraid of water. Everyone was very enthusiastic about teaching me to swim. Although everyone’s methods are different, I can feel the mutual help and trust between colleagues and friends. Finally, I finally overcome some of the fear of water.

7. In the afternoon, both games specially tested the team's solidarity and cooperation, especially the games of generals, sergeants, soldiers, the collaboration of team members, the issuance, communication and acceptance of instructions. The emotional roller coaster session at night allows team members to quickly and fully understand each other.

8. Today's sandbags game is like we are at work, the external environment is constantly changing and the direction of change is uncontrollable. This requires managers to adjust strategies and solutions in a timely manner, teamwork, and efficient completion of tasks, so the team To be effective and efficient, not only internal factors, but also external communication and access to information, services and contributions to the outside world.

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9. With regard to customer needs, we can meet the needs of customers from the beginning to deepen the needs of customers, from thinking what customers think, to digging customers, and expanding new categories to achieve mutual benefit. With regard to the learning platform, various resources such as peers and internal companies are the source of learning. By sharing experience with others, it becomes a personal case, and it will be more reasonable when it is connected with customers.

10. The customer is God. It is the constant truth at all times. Especially in the case of economic situation and oversupply, it is especially important to serve customers well. Contribution-based value distribution is conducive to personal enthusiasm.

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11. This game makes me understand that things don't be impetuous, don't make decisions blindly before you know them clearly. At the same time, realize that when facing new things, we must break through the inherent thinking mode, learn more and think, and try to accept change.

12. I participated in this teamwork and made me feel a lot. The most important sentiment is that team training is a simple game that reveals the profound truth of abstraction. It allows me to retrieve the very precious things that have been forgotten in time: will, passion and vitality.

13. Through these three days of group building activities, I have become more aware that everyone has potential powers in their daily work and life, as long as they have confidence at specific times and in specific places. If you have the courage to face it, there will be no problem that cannot be solved.

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14. Today I played two games, testing memory, responsiveness, imagination, communication and teamwork. In addition to the laughter that the game itself brought us, I also understood that the seemingly simple game hides the complicated life. reason

15. Everything must be done with care. Those who have a heart will do things. When I was young, playing chess, doing things, focusing on everything, being careful, and patient, will definitely yield something.

Change thinking. In the past, I always thought that there are only two results in doing things: either lose or win. It's like playing chess, either I win or the opponent wins. Opportunity is always half and half. However, with the end of the first round of games, I realized that half of the opportunity is to find by myself and half by waiting. Waiting for the opponent's mistakes, giving you the opportunity to create, think about it, the chance of success is doubled

Be far-sighted. Those who do big things should take care of the overall situation, seek big things, think thoughtfully, think twice before they take the lead, and win the odds.

Be cautious. As a conductor, as a communicator, you must pay attention to coordination. Once you start playing chess, you must be cautious and you should not leave any chance to your opponent. Otherwise, you will go wrong and lose all your hands.

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