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Which is more eye-catching than LCD, LED and OLED screens? Date:2018-12-18 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 55802

The LED display is actually an LCD display, but an LCD TV with LED backlight. The LCD screen in the mouth is the traditional LCD screen, which uses CCFL backlight. The display is similar in principle, where Topfoison collectively refers to LCD displays using both backlight types.

The pixels of the LCD display cannot be self-illuminating, while the pixels of the OLED screen can self-illuminate. This is the biggest difference between the two screens. Now Samsung's AMOLED screen is actually a type of OLED screen. AMOLED can do the display of the interest screen, which is due to the self-luminous characteristics of the OLED screen pixels.

Because the LCD screen does not self-illuminate, the LCD screen uses a blue LED backlight panel, which is covered with a red filter, a green filter, and a colorless filter, which is formed when the blue light passes through the three filters. RGB three primary colors. However, the blue light is not completely absorbed by the filter, and will penetrate the screen to form a short-wave blue light, which will cause damage when the human eyes are in contact for a long time and close contact.

So, no matter what kind of screen, it will cause damage to your eyesight. We should try to avoid looking at the screen of the mobile phone for a long time and reduce the use time of the mobile phone in a dark environment.

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