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The Difference Between Lcd and Oled Date:2018-12-24 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 97609

1. What is LCD and OLED?

Lcd is a display module, its working principle is to control the light-emitting diode in the semiconductor, in general, it is composed of a plurality of red lights;

The oled screen works by driving a hole and electrons from the anode and cathode to the hole transport layer and the electron transport layer, and then moving to the light-emitting layer, respectively, and the excitons are formed when they meet each other. Excitons activate the luminescent molecules in the luminescent layer, thus emitting visible light;

Second, the difference between the two

First, above the color gamut, the OLED LCD screen can display endless colors, and is not affected by the backlight. The pixels are very advantageous when displaying the black screen. The LCD color gamut of the LCD is currently Between 72% and 92%, and the color gamut of led LCD screen is above 118%;

Second, in the price above, the same size LED LCD screen is more than double the cost of the LCD screen, and the OLED LCD screen is more expensive;

Third, in terms of technology maturity, because LCD LCD screen is a traditional display, it is much better than OLED LCD screen and LED liquid crystal screen in terms of technology maturity, such as display reaction speed, OLED LCD screen, LED LCD screen. There is still a certain gap compared with the performance of LCD liquid crystal display;

Fourth, in terms of the angle of the display, the OLED liquid crystal screen is much better than the LED liquid crystal  tft lcd screen  and the LCD liquid crystal screen. The specific performance is that the viewing angle of the LCD display screen is very small, and the LED liquid crystal screen is in the layered and dynamic performance. The above is not satisfactory, and the depth of the LED LCD screen is not good enough;

The above is the answer to the difference between lcd and oled, I hope to help everyone.

Topfoison, a professional 1.3-7.0 inch TFT LCD/OLED display manufacturer