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1.6 inch TFT LCD sunlight readable display Date:2019-07-29 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1205

This is a uniquely Topfoison display resources, 1.6 inch transflective TFT LCD display, 320(RGB) *320 square screen, high resolution IPS full viewing angle, as well as 420cd/m2 brightness is enough to satisfy the stringent requirements of all usage scenarios. The biggest characteristic of this product is that it has the special property that can be read under the sunlight!

The most common MCU interface in the market, NT35310 driver IC, we will provide a full set of configuration files, such as display specification, initialization code, driver IC data, etc. At the same time, we will also provide technical support for you throughout the process, to assist you to successfully complete the display debugging, until the project is successful.

You want touch? No problem! We have a capacitive touch screen that is extremely sensitive. You can use it in all kinds of industries, outdoor smart watches, medical devices, smart meters, electric cars, everything.

You may also want to have more personalized requirements to highlight the uniqueness and appeal of your product. High brightness display, unique layout shape, different shape touch cover, protective cover glass, brand LOGO, all your requirements can be met.

You can contact us to share more information about your needs. Our professional sales engineers will get in touch with you immediately, and provide the most targeted and cost-effective scheme, so that you can complete the project development as soon as possible and occupy the highest market share.

Our aim is to help customers achieve the success of the project!