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[HOT]6.0inch lcd display with 1080p/1440p and HDMI U board which customized for virtual reality device Date:2017-07-12 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1089

      Rencently the virtual reality helmet mounted device is very popular in the market.when we talk about head mounted device,we will think of Oculus Rift.

HMDs project information similar to that of head-up displays (HUD) on an aircrew’s visor or reticle, thereby allowing him to obtain awareness and/or cue weapons systems to the direction his head is pointing.


      Applications which allow cuing of weapon systems are referred to as helmet-mounted sight and display (HMSD) or helmet-mounted sights (HMS)

While conceptually simple, implementation of aircraft HMDs is quite complex. There are many variables.


1.LCD display which is an important part to show the scene.

2.Optical head-mounted technology

3.Infrared CMOS Sensor+ camerca

4.HDMI board,to drive the lcd display

5.Master control board


      Acctually,we could supply lcd display with high resolution and MIPI interface.6.0inch 1080P and 1440P are the most popular products,it can go with HDMI to mipi U board which is most used for VR HMD DIY/Projector/3D printer/FPV.