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Micro LED is expected to enter the product terminal soon Date:2017-09-16 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1056

Micro LED has always been considered a comparable product to the OLED in the industry, but there were some technical problems in the past Micro LED, especially in the huge amount of transfer. But recently, scholars say the technical problem has been solved, and Micro LED has entered the stage of cost reduction from the technical bottleneck now.

Micro LED in the past because of the difficulty of mass production, is expected in the end of the market applications, at least 3 years. However, due to the needs of the market, customers actively promote, 1 to 2 years nearly, there is a chance to see the mass production on the wearable terminal.

Although the liquid crystal process, the Micro LED 99% yield can be improved, and the design, testing and related industries, such as substrate, drive, packaging and other aspects, there are still a lot of problems to be solved, however, with a small LED component of RGB color transfer has a good big, progress, even to make a variety of styles and product display, Micro LED is no longer limited to technical bottlenecks, but to reduce the cost of the project.

At present, if we use Micro LED technology to make mobile panel, the estimated price of about 300 U. s.dollars, compared to the LCD panel price of about $15, AMOLED panel about 70 - 80 U.S. dollars, Micro LED display is still too expensive. At this stage you want to import to mobile phone or TV applications have difficulty, must seek special niche applications, such as smart watches, transparent display vehicle or VR/AR and other products, as long as the manufacturers began to import, the future market will expand the application of very rapid deployment.