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OLED display future market demand is very impressive Date:2017-10-18 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1037
At present, 3C products in the smart phone concern, including Apple's IPhone is the smart phone in the vane. Apple's latest conference released on the iPhone X OLED screen, industry forecast, OLED display application market will be fully open, the future demand is very broad space.

At present, TFT LCD is still the lowest cost of display, because the OLED is mainly composed of solid materials, material coating must be in the liquid, dissolved state or vaporization state to complete, the production process has not yet breakthrough, the higher cost. OLED costs with the increase in yield and reduce, with the development of technology, improve the yield and the large-scale application of OLED, the cost will be lower than the LCD screen, alternative advantages. Data show that by 2020, OLED penetration in the smart phone will reach 62%, beyond the LCD, become the most mainstream flat display.

With excellent visual experience and low power performance and other advantages, OLED led a new wave of 3C products show revolution. AMOLED is currently in the smart watch display as the representative of the small size screen began to use a lot. Samsung is the absolute dominance of the field, the market share ranked first in the world. In addition, some domestic mobile phone manufacturers began to try to carry small AMOLED display, such as Huawei, Vivo, OPPO have chosen to use its flagship machine AMOLED screen.

In addition, OLED screen application market is not limited to smart phones, with its thin, flexible, high contrast, low power consumption and other characteristics, OLED display is also widely used in TV panels, smart wear equipment, Tablet PC, AR/VR, vehicle supplies. According to the data, by 2020, global OLED shipments will reach 900 million, 2.5 times the 2015 shipments, the compound annual growth rate of 20%.