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The future of Apple company devices will use OLED display Date:2017-09-28 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1009

     According to reports, the future of Apple devices will be integrated quantum dot LED enhanced power and OLED display response speed, so as to battery life and image quality to provide the best performance. Apple has applied for the patent "QuantumdotLED (QLED) and OLED integrated in the display" patent, the patent is a single pixel components broken down into several sub-pixels, in a pixel group in the integration of the advantages of two technologies, The degree of these two technologies into a mixed display, making the display shows a better color effects and consume less power.

     OLED screen compared with the traditional LCD screen has two more obvious advantages, because the traditional LCD screen to transparent need to stimulate the LCD technology to show color, and OLED screen each individual pixel is its own light source, The pixels are set to achieve different brightness, so OLED display power efficiency has a great advantage, followed by OLED display does not require backlight, the screen broadcast other technology should be thin. In theory, OLED display the corresponding time can reach 0.01 milliseconds, while the current LCD screen fastest response time was 1 millisecond.

     Apple's new IPhone X phone is using the OLED screen technology, but the expected production time from the expected September is expected to be deferred to the fourth quarter, is expected in mid-October. According to Taiwan's upstream suppliers, the initial supply of iPhone X components required only 40% of the original plan, has instructed some iPhone X component suppliers, to suspend some of the components shipped, and the yield is too Low part of the components are still in full swing. So for now, the qualified rate problem is the OLED screen is widely used in an urgent need to solve the problem.