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What are the advantages of LCD monitor?

What are the advantages of LCD monitor? We all know that LCD consumes a lot less power than desktop computers, low power, power saving, and more affordable! In addition, what are the advantages of LCD? Let's take a look:

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1, High display quality

Because each point of the LCD maintains that color and brightness after receiving the signal, and emits constant light, unlike the CRT that needs to constantly refresh the bright spots. So the LCD display is of high quality and won't flicker, minimizing eye fatigue.

2, Small amounts of electromagnetic radiation

The traditional display material of the display is phosphor powder, which is displayed by hitting the phosphor powder with electron beams. When the electron beam hits the phosphor, it produces strong electromagnetic radiation. Although many display products have been effectively treated to minimize radiation as much as possible, it is difficult to completely eliminate it. Relatively speaking, liquid crystal displays have inherent advantages in radiation protection, because there is no radiation at all. In terms of anti-electromagnetic waves, LCD monitors also have their own unique advantages. It adopts strict sealing technology to seal the small amount of electromagnetic waves from the driving circuit in the display. However, in order to emit hot stars, the ordinary display must make the internal circuit in contact with the air as much as possible, so that a large amount of electromagnetic waves generated by the internal circuit will leak out.

3, Large viewing area

For the same size display, the LCD has a larger viewing area. The viewable area of an LCD is the same size as its diagonal. The cathode ray tube display, the picture tube front panel has an inch or so around the border, can not be used for display.

4, Small size and light weight

Traditional CRT monitors always have a heavy ray tube behind them. LCD breaks through this limitation and gives a whole new feeling. The traditional display emits electron beams to the screen through an electron gun, so the neck of the picture tube cannot be made very short. When the screen is enlarged, the volume of the entire display will inevitably increase. The LCD controls the state of the liquid crystal molecules through electrodes on the display screen, so as to achieve the purpose of display. Even if the screen is enlarged, the volume does not increase proportionally, and the weight is much lighter than traditional monitors of the same display area.

5, The picture effect is good.

Compared with the traditional display, the LCD uses flat glass at the beginning, and its display effect is a flat right angle, which gives a refreshing feeling. And liquid crystal displays are easier to achieve high resolution on small-area screens. For example, a 17-inch LCD monitor can achieve a resolution of 1280*1024, while an 18-inch CRT color monitor with a resolution exceeding 1280*1024 is usually not completely satisfactory.

6, Wide range of applications

At first, liquid crystal displays were commonly used in electronic watches and calculators because they could not display fine characters. With the continuous development and progress of liquid crystal display technology, the character display begins to be delicate, and it also supports basic color display, which is gradually applied to LCD TVs, LCD monitors of video cameras, handheld game consoles, etc. Subsequent DSTN and TFT were widely used as liquid crystal devices in computers, and DSTN LCD screens were used in early notebook computers; TFT was used in notebook computers and mainstream desktop monitors.

7, Digital interface

Liquid crystal displays are digital and do not use an analog interface like cathode ray tube color displays. That is to say, with liquid crystal display, the graphics card no longer needs to convert the digital signal into an analog signal and output it as usual. In theory, this will make the color and positioning more accurate and perfect.

8, Power consumption is much less than desktop computers, low power, power saving and more affordable!

What are the advantages of LCD monitor?.jpg

These are the advantages of LCD monitor. Relatively speaking, LCD is still more popular.

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