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Connector introduction

1. Introduction of connectors

A connector, a device that connects two active devices that carry current, voltage, or signals. For example, the data cable in the flip phone, the connection between the camera and the motherboard, and the connection between the display screen and the motherboard are all connected through connectors. Connectors are widely used in the electronics industry.


2. Advantages of connectors

A. Improve production efficiency: When assembling and producing, using connectors is much faster than using welding or hot pressing, and the production efficiency is effectively improved.

b. Miniaturization of design: The use of connector design can reduce the size of the circuit board and improve the integration of the product. The pins of the connector are much smaller than soldered gold fingers, which effectively reduces the space.

c. Easy to maintain: For products using connectors, if some components fail, you can directly replace the failed components, or replace the connector itself.

D. Ease of Upgrading: As technology advances, components can be easily updated using connectors, replacing previous components with new, improved or upgraded components.



3. Types of Connectors

According to the different products and connection methods, it is divided into standard connectors and customized non-standard connectors. Shapes include circular connectors, square connectors, and irregular-shaped connectors. There are two commonly used connectors for LCD modules: B2B connectors and ZIF plug-in connectors.

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