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FPA interface type

The circuit board mainly plays the role of connection. In addition, some peripheral circuits of IC or other components can be mounted on the circuit board, and corresponding interfaces and devices can also be welded. There are generally three ways to connect FPA to other devices or motherboards:


a. Welding connection method

Welding is divided into manual welding, Hot bar hot pressure welding, and single-layer window type manual welding. Manual welding is the most common method. This method is simple and low-cost, but it is prone to false welding and false welding.


 FPA interface type

b. B2B connection method

Using B2B Connector connection method, this connection method has high production efficiency and good connectivity, but the price is higher

 FPA interface type

c. ZIF connection method

  Adopt ZIF Connector connection method, which has high production efficiency and the strongest connection, but the price is higher

 FPA interface type

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