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How to customize LCD

Topfoison has been focusing on the production of small and medium-sized professional display screens for 10 years, providing customized solutions for LCD displays in various fields such as automobiles, home appliances, VR, medical care, smart home, and maintenance points. Custom LCD modules, or custom monitors and displays with complex embedded control boards and touch panels, our experienced engineers in our China factory will assist you in designing custom displays.

A custom LCD monitor will start with your idea of providing a custom LCD monitor.

1.make demands

Your requirements for us, including LCD screen size, resolution, brightness, interface, overall size, AA area size, PIN definition, temperature range, service life, touch screen and other specific requirements, the more detailed the better, the more conducive to the development of the following The time cost of mold opening communication. We will also provide technical advice for your target application.


2. Confirm the drawing

 LCD manufacturers generally design and send drawings to you for confirmation within one week after receiving the demand. Special attention should be paid to confirmed items, including outline design drawings and drawing revisions, mold making, design layout, photolithography film making, silk screen printing, letterpress, and Tester of display series.

 Finally, sign on the confirmation drawing, so that the lcd LCD screen manufacturer can send it to the relevant supplier to open the mold for customization.

3. Confirm the sample

After confirming the drawings, the LCD manufacturer will arrange proofing. Generally, the specific proofing cycle will be reported, which mainly depends on the difficulty of product production. Under normal circumstances, the module proofing time is about 20 days, and the assembly proofing cycle is about 25 days. After receiving the sample, Topfoison will undergo rigorous testing before handing it over to you, and you can also re-test and debug it yourself after receiving the sample.


4. Mass production

Once your samples/prototypes are approved, Topfoison can go into production. The whole process from idea, design, prototype to production may take three months to three years, no matter what the process is, Topfoison will provide you with the most professional and caring service

The above is the whole content of How to customize LCD, If you want to order LCD liquid crystal display screen , contact us whenever you want, we can customize it for you professionally, Topfoison electronic service Email: info@topfoison.com .

Shenzhen Topfoison Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service, serving medical equipment, industrial equipment, intelligent electronic products, smart homes, AR VR projects, terminal brand customers in industries such as Internet of Things equipment. Our company has been focusing on the production customization of LCD liquid crystal displays for many years, providing integrated display solutions.

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