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Introduction to BLU structure

1. The role of BLU backlight

The main function of the backlight is to provide a light source for the LCD, so that the display has enough brightness to meet the normal visual effect.


2. BLU type

a. According to the type of display: black and white screen backlight and color screen backlight. Black and white screen backlights are relatively simple, generally only reflective films, light guide plates and LED lights are used; relatively speaking, color screen backlights use more optical films and have more complex structures.

b. According to the type of LED lights: direct type and side type. At present, black and white screens and color screens are basically side screens. Through the function of the light guide plate, the light emitted by the side LEDs is converted into a plane light in the vertical direction, so that the brightness of the entire display screen is relatively consistent and the uniformity is better.


3. The working principle of the backlight

a. Side-emitting LEDs emit light of the desired brightness and color (usually white).

b. Through the action of the light guide plate, the side light source becomes the surface light source facing us, most of the light is refracted to the front, and a small part of the light passes through the reflective film, and is reused after reflection.

c. The diffusion of light through the lower diffusion film is completely dispersed, so that the light is relatively balanced on the entire plane.

d. The light can be enhanced in the transverse or longitudinal direction through the prismatic concentrating action of the lower light-enhancing film.

e. The light is enhanced in the longitudinal or transverse direction through the prismatic concentrating action of the glazing enhancement film.

f. Sometimes in order to make the uniformity of the picture better, or to cover small defects, a diffuser film is also used to diffuse and disturb the light again, and the consistency of the picture display is better.

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