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Introduction to FPC

1. Introduction to FPC

Flexible Printed Circuit Board, that is, a flexible circuit board. Such as slider phone lines, computer monitor cables, test circuit boards, etc. Rigid-flex board: the combination of rigid circuit board PCB and flexible circuit board PFC. It combines the advantages of rigid circuit boards and the characteristics of flexible circuit boards to meet the needs of special structures of products.


2. Features of FPC

The FPC flexible circuit board uses a flexible insulating substrate (usually PI polyimide), and the circuits required for the design are etched on the copper foil. It can be bent, curled and folded according to the design requirements, and the components are assembled on the FPC using the surface packaging technology SMT to form a circuit board with components.

a. It can be bent as required, and the number of bending times is 100,000

b. Small size and light weight

c. Small circuit width and spacing to meet high precision requirements

d. SMT technology is mature and highly integrated

e. Good heat dissipation and easy installation

f. The price is relatively high

Of course, FPC also has some disadvantages, such as low mechanical strength, some corners are prone to stress concentration cracking, the circuit is too small, difficult to process, difficult to rework the circuit, and prone to indentations, creases and other defects.


3. Application of FPC

Due to its small size, FPC can be bent freely, and almost all electronic products can use PCB or FPA circuit boards; it has an important place in industrial and consumer electronics. It is suitable for aerospace, military, mobile communication, computer, computer, consumer electronics, industrial control equipment and many other fields.

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