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Is LCD or AMOLED better for eyes?

Is LCD or AMOLED better for eyes?The full English name of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display, which is a general term. According to its driving method, it can be divided into various specifications. Most monitors and laptops on the market today are thin-film transistors. Because TFT has better color saturation and viewing angles than other technologies, it is also the mainstream specification on the market today. The models on the market are mainly based on TFT, and LCD has now become synonymous with the term TFT display. Next, I will tell you in detail which LCD screen or OLED screen is better for the eyes.

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Both OLED and LCD can cause damage to the eyes, because both OLED and LCD emit blue light, which is unavoidable. However, users can turn on the eye protection mode of the mobile phone to reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes. In addition, OLED's dimming technology and LCD's blue backlight are also one of the reasons for the "eye-hurt". OLED adopts PWM low-frequency dimming technology, which is a technology that adjusts the brightness through the rapid flickering of the light-emitting unit, so looking at the screen for a long time will cause eye fatigue. The blue backlight of an LCD monitor emits high-energy short-wave blue light.

In terms of manufacturing process, OLED adopts self-luminous technology and has no backlight layer, so this screen can be made very thin. In addition, each light-emitting unit of OLED can emit light independently when it emits light, and has the function of color screen display. LCD is composed of backlight layer, liquid crystal layer, color filter and other components, and the screen is made of inorganic materials, so the service life of this screen is relatively long.

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Is LCD or AMOLED better for eyes?The above is the difference between lcd and oled. Users should try to avoid staring at the phone screen for a long time. Reduce LCD and AMOLED viewing time in dark environments. If you have the habit of reading late at night, you also need to turn on a light to neutralize the strobe light. Moisten your eyes with eye drops when your eyes are dry.

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