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What is LCD display in Mobile?

What is LCD display in Mobile? Of all the components of a smartphone, the screen is the one we touch the most. Sometimes the quality of the screen is the main condition that determines whether we buy it or not. Therefore, many of our mobile phone friends will take the screen size as the first choice when buying a mobile phone. However, it would be a big mistake to focus only on the size or resolution of the phone screen without paying attention to the quality of the screen material. You should know that the screen quality of a mobile phone is related to many factors, such as screen material, bonding process, etc.

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So, what kind of screen material is good for mobile phones? Listed below are some knowledge points about screen materials. After reading it, you will understand the material problem of LCD, TFT, and IPS mobile phone screens.

1, TFT screen

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is an active matrix liquid crystal display.

TFT LCD is characterized by good brightness, high contrast, strong layering, and bright colors, but it also has the disadvantages of relatively high power consumption and cost.

2, IPS screen

IPS, commonly known as "Super TFT", is a technology upgraded from TFT. It is essentially a TFT screen, but a TFT screen using IPS technology. Compared with the common TFT screen, it has the advantages of large viewing angle, accurate color reproduction, no watermark on touch, environmental protection and power saving.

3, SLCD screen

SLCD is a special LCD screen for splicing, which is a high-end and high-end variety of LCD. Its characteristics are warmer colors, real and natural, suitable for human eyes to watch.

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So what is LCD display in Mobile? These are all LCD screens commonly used in mobile phones. You can choose a suitable screen according to your needs.

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