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What is LCD display used for ?

What is LCD display used for ? I believe you are not unfamiliar with liquid crystal displays, because you can see them everywhere in life, so we must be unclear about some uses of liquid crystal displays. The following mainly introduces the uses of liquid crystal displays. I hope This article can help you.

What is LCD display used for

1, smart wear

Smart wearable products such as smart watches, smart bracelets, etc., these products mainly consider the size, shape (circle/square) of LCD, low power consumption/TFT/OLED, thickness, brightness, readability in sunlight, resolution, Interface mode, with or without touch, color screen/black and white screen, battery life, cost and other factors.

2, children's toys

Children's toys include children's cameras, children's projectors, etc. These products mainly consider the resolution, interface, cost, transmittance and brightness of LCD.

3, household appliances/smart home

There are many types of household appliances, such as oven controllers, thermostats, fireplace controllers, security, etc. These products need to consider size, low power consumption, temperature/humidity, cost, and availability.

4, industrial control

Industrial control, such as industrial boilers, industrial routers, etc., these products mainly require supply capacity, quality, readability in sunlight, and high brightness. At the same time, the operating environment has high requirements for high temperature and high humidity.

5,POS machine

The main requirements of POS machines for LCD are viewing angle, stable supply, quality, readability in sunlight, portability, size, power consumption, UV protection, etc.

6,vehicle products

Car products including Bluetooth devices, driving recorders, smart car keys, car remote controls, etc. all need to use LCD. Such products mainly have requirements for readability in sunlight, size, power consumption, and temperature/humidity.

7, medical equipment

Medical equipment is common such as smart pill boxes, blood testers, and blood pressure monitors. The main requirements for these are quality and stable supply.

8, projector

Projectors mainly have requirements on resolution, transmittance, brightness and size.

9, 3D curing printer

3D curing printers require the transmittance and resolution of LCD.


The requirements of VR products for LCD are generally high resolution, size, refresh rate/low persistence.

What is LCD display used for

What is LCD display used for? In the above article, a detailed introduction has been made for everyone. If you have any questions or problems about this, you can consult us online, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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