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How do you know if your LCD is damaged?

How do you know if your LCD is damaged? The LCD panel is composed of a large number of pixels, which can display the three primary colors of black and white and red, yellow and blue. By combining pixels of different colors, we can see the image displayed by the LCD panel. However, the few pixels on the LCD panel do not produce color changes. These pixels always display the same color, no matter what image is displayed on the LCD screen. These faulty pixels cannot be repaired and can only be solved by replacing the entire LCD panel.

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These faulty pixels generally fall into two categories, "dark spots" which are "black spots" that cannot be displayed no matter how the image displayed on the screen changes, and "bright spots" that keep glowing as long as they are turned on.

1. Highlight: The point where three pixels of R, G, and B are presented in the case of a black screen.

2. Dark point: In the case of a white screen, there are three color points that are not pure R, G, and B pixels.

So far, liquid crystal display technology is still unable to fundamentally overcome this defect. Because the liquid crystal panel is composed of two glass plates, the sandwich in the middle is a crystal droplet with a thickness of about 5 microns. These crystal droplets are evenly separated and contained in tiny cells, three of which make up a pixel on the screen.

Under the magnifying glass, the pixels are square, and a pixel is a light-emitting point. Each light-emitting point has an independent transistor to control its current flow. If the transistor controlling this point fails, it will cause the light-emitting point to stay on or off forever. This is the aforementioned bright or dark spot, collectively referred to as a "dead spot"!

3. Dead dots: When the screen is white, it is a pure black dot, and when the screen is black, it is a pure white dot. When switching to red-green-blue display mode, the dot is always in the same position and is always a solid black or white dot. In this case, it means that the R, G, B pixels of this point are all damaged, so it is called a dead pixel.

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How do you know if your LCD is damaged? The above are the criteria to detect whether the screen is damaged. In addition, due to the different standards for the definition of dead pixels around the world, as well as the limitation of insufficient liquid crystal technology and manufacturing process costs, many manufacturers in the liquid crystal display industry currently default that a display with less than 3-6 dead pixels is a qualified product, and only part of it is used. Only products with A+ panels can make the promise of zero bright spots or zero dead pixels. In addition, with the continuous advancement of technology, some brands of LCD panels can already reach 90% without bright spots.

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