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Does LCD last longer than LED?

Does LCD last longer than LED? In today's communication era, large screens can be seen everywhere in squares and even shopping malls, and LCD screens can be seen everywhere in our lives. Do you know what is the relationship between the screens in our lives and the big screens that can be seen everywhere in shopping malls?

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In terms of lifespan, LEDs have a longer lifespan than LCDs.

In terms of energy consumption, the energy consumption of LED is much lower than that of LCD.

In terms of brightness, LED has purer color than LCD, wider color gamut and higher brightness, which can increase the viewing angle of the display.

From the viewing distance, LCD is more suitable for close viewing. Divided into five common styles and perspectives: STN, VA, HTN, TN and FSTN.

LED is widely used, but compared with LCD, the two are actually comparable, because most industries are inseparable from these two types of LCD screens. As far as our lives are concerned, both LED and LCD are essential, so LCD can survive tenaciously in the torrent of time. It is very important to see the display data intuitively, and LCD screens are more common in our lives.

It is a splicing screen that uses the unit splicing method to realize the display effect of the large screen through the splicing control software system. Compared with TV and PC LCD screen, LCD segment LCD screen has higher brightness.

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Does LCD last longer than LED? The above is the inseparable relationship between LED and LCD screen. Is it easy to understand? If you want to customize the LCD screen, welcome to consult.

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